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Whatsapp, Deepfakes, India
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Mobile Technology & Apps

India WhatsApps Truth

WhatsApp Takes Aim at Deepfakes with India-Specific Helpline: A Lifeline Against Digital Deception Misinformation spreads like wildfire online, especially on platforms like WhatsApp where communication is fast and personal. Now, with the increasing sophistication of AI-generated content, deepfakes have emerged as a potent weapon for malicious actors. Recognizing this growing threat, WhatsApp, in collaboration with […]

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

New data poisoning tool, Artists vs. Artificial Intelligence

Introduction: Nightshade and its Disruptive Role in AI Image Generation In the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence, a novel tool has emerged with the potential to revolutionize image generation. Nightshade, crafted by researchers at the University of Chicago, stands apart from typical AI programs as a data poisoning tool specifically designed to alter the training […]